The Brig Fish and Chip Bar DunfermlineOnly The Freshest Ingredients

Traditional fish and chips is a Scottish staple and at The Brig we only use the very freshest ingredients to produce a mouth-watering takeaway experience. The potatoes are the very best that we can find and combined with our special recipe batter and huge hunks of haddock, we serve up crispy, golden brown fish suppers to enthusiastic locals.

Pizzas are another favourite too thanks to our imported Italian wood-fired pizza oven. It’s even become a local curiosity for those who enter the shop! The pizzas are made from scratch with our secret recipe tomato sauce, 100% mozzarella and choice of tasty toppings and the oven gives a unique Italian taste with a delightfully crispy base that you’d struggle to find anywhere this side of Naples.

Larger Menu

We’ve recently expanded our menu and for the first time in any of our chip shops we offer a range of pastas, including all the family favourites such as carbonara, penne picante and even a home baked lasagne. Our shop speciality is Pasta Alla Brig and features a creamy haggis and whisky sauce.

The Brig Fish and Chip Bar DunfermlineTry Something Healthy

For those looking for a healthier option we offer a wide range of grilled chicken kebabs from the traditional Turkish style through to Piri Piri, or something a little different such as sweet chilli, lime and coriander marinated in lime peel and lemon juice. We’re always thinking of great combinations to whet the appetite as well as new additions to excite and intrigue our visitors. Most recently we’ve offered calamari served with lemon and garlic mayonnaise and this has been met with customer approval. Our salads range from the simple classics to the most exotic, including a Californian.